Data Safe 7

Too many sensitive data like passwords, login credentials or banking information to remember? And  you also need this information anytime anyplace?  Then it’s time to test ‘Data Safe 7’ on a 14 days trial. You can install it from the marketplace. All functions are enabled; there are no restrictions in the trial version.

Short Feature List:

256 Bit AES encryption. Your data is secure!

  • Supports all orientations. Useful for people with a slider keyboard on the side
  • Test 14 days without limitations.
  • Fully customizable. Add as many records and entries as you need.
  • Extra notes page to add one or more notes for any record.
  • Dynamic categories just ready to use. No maintenance required.
  • Filter by categories to easily find records no matter how many entries you have.
  • Ordering function: Just move entries to where you need them.
  • Templates: ‘Data Safe 7’ ships with the most common templates for fast record creation.
  • Templates: Add, edit, delete or create new ones. Customize to your individual needs.
  • Copy function: Copy records including all data with just one touch.
  • Smart Keyboard: Detects the data you want to enter and dynamically changes keyboard.
  • Build in Password Generator with password strength information.

‘Data Safe 7’ is secure: All data is encrypted with a 256 Bit AES encryption and stored in an isolated storage on the phone. There is no way to access the data without the master password you defined. If you have lost your phone, nobody has access to your sensitive information.

‘Data Save 7’ is fully customizable: Nothing is predefined like with other password vaults on the market! You can add records without any software limitations and you are able to assign custom labels for every data field. If your record needs more than one note, just add as many as you need!

‘Data Safe 7’ has filters: Based on categories you can filter the database for the information you are looking for. With this you can easily maintain the overview no matter how many records you have. Categories are created automatically when creating a record and can be customized according to your individual needs.

‘Data Safe 7’ supports custom sorting of your entries. You need the password on the top and not on the end? You need an entry before the other entry? No problem, place it where you want in the list. On top, bottom, one row up or down, you decide where the information has to be.

‘Data Save 7’ supports templates and a copy function: Isn’t it annoying to enter data again and again especially if the structure is the same? You can use templates to generate an empty record with all necessary entries and just enter the actual data quickly. Or you copy an existing record and just change the data that is different from the master record. You need a another template for the type of data you usually enter? Just derive a template in seconds from an existing record!

‘Data Safe 7’ has two login methods. You prefer a pin instead of a password or passphrase? The keyboard can be switched into the pin mode in an instant.

‘Data Safe 7’ works in portrait or horizontal mode: Some phones are delivered with a slide keyboard which are only useable in horizontal mode. Unlike others, ‘Data Safe 7’ supports all three orientations.
‘Data Safe 7’ has a smart keyboard function: If there is a pin field then you probably want to use the pin keyboard to enter data. If it’s a website or email field, the keyboard will switch to email input mode automatically. If you prefer another input mode, just change it with the keyboard toggle button. If you don’t like to auto keyboard suggestion, just turn it off in the settings.

‘Data Safe 7’ has a build in password generator: Not sure if your password is secure? You find it annoying to create a secure password by yourself? Then you should use the build in password generator! The length and character pattern of the suggested password is defined by you. The strength of a generated password is displayed; you can also check the strength of your own passwords by simply entering your existing password. Choose what character types are used to generate a password. Capital- or lowercase letters, numbers or special characters, just turn them on or off as you wish.

‘Data Safe 7’ was designed to be secure, simple, easy and intuitive to use. Truly achieving the motto Windows Phone 7: “We want you to get in, out and back to life!”. We would be very pleased if you test the trial version and give us feedback.

Your Data Safe 7 Team.